House Calls

We offer at home visits in Hollis and surrounding areas.  At home visits are an excellent alternative for pets that do not travel well, owners that are homebound, and end of life.

Preventive Medicine

From puppy and kitten vaccinations to geriatric care, we do it all. Our goal is to prevent illness from occurring when possible and recognize problems early in the disease process in order to improve outcomes. Annual physical examinations and vaccinations are tailored to your pet’s individual risks and lifestyle.

Internal Medicine

If your pet does develop an illness, Dr. Patronagio has over 15 years of experience treating all manor of ailments. She is able to care for different cases from skin problems to gastrointestinal upset and everything in between. Both acute and chronic conditions will receive the latest diagnostics, a thorough explanation of available treatment options, and consideration for the owner’s individual situation.

Emergency Care

During office hours, we handle all types of pet emergencies. After hours, emergencies are referred to either Veterinary Emergency Center of Manchester (603) 666-6677 or Animal Medical Center Emergency and Referral (603) 821-7222.


Dr. Patronagio has extensive experience in both routine and complicated surgical procedures. Our state of the art monitoring equipment is complimented by a highly experienced veterinary technician overseeing your pet. Surgical procedures offered include, but are not limited to, spay, neuter, lumpectomy, exploratory laparotomy, cystotomy, dental extractions, wound debridement, and caesarian section.


Dental care is one of the most rewarding treatments we offer. Pets are anesthetized, their teeth are scaled and polished, and a wax sealant is applied. During this process, the teeth are evaluated to determine if any extractions are required and a thorough oral exam is performed.


Microchipping is an excellent way of ensuring that, if your pet becomes lost, it can be identified if it is turned in to a shelter or veterinary clinic. The procedure can easily by done on an outpatient basis, but is also commnoly done at the time a pet is spayed or neutered.

In-house Diagnostics

Our advanced in house lab is capable of evaluating your pet’s internal condition before you even leave the hospital. In addition to the CBC’s, Chemistry panels, and thyroid panels, we can also evaluate urine and fecal samples at the point of care.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography allows for the rapid diagnosis of many conditions. Improved resolution and the ability to easily send radiographs to referral centers, if needed, make digital radiography a superior diagnostic tool.