As a fun little activity, the staff of the Hollis Veterinary Hospital have put together this list of the top 10 signs that clients spend too much time at HVH.

Modern dog Fall 2014

Modern dog Fall 2014

1. You know how to operate the lift table in the dog room.

2. You think we should have a wing of the hospital named in your honor.

3. You’ve read all of the magazines in the waiting room. Then, you let us know if they are getting old or we need new ones.

4. You notice if we paint any of the hospital walls.

5. You compliment our staff members if they get a new haircut, scrubs, etc.

6. You know each member of our staff by their voices over the phone.

7. You know when we put new/different dog treats at the check-out counter.

Jess and her dog, Logan

Jess and her dog, Logan

8. You know each of the staff’s family and/or pets by name.

9. Your pet knows where all of the treat jars are located in the hospital.

10. You accidentally call us instead of a family member or you have us on speed dial.


  1. Dawn Schlim

    You guys nailed it!!! Miss you Jess and Jill 🙂

  2. Elizabeth

    My husband has been waiting for at least a room named after us or one of our pets.
    Recognizing your voices means a staff that like working there and therefore you know me and my pets well. Your care makes me feel so much better. I know you do everything possible to help us.

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